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Hi! I'm Kelsey, an underwater, lifestyle & adventure photographer and videographer.

You can explore my photography work at


Since the fall of 2019, I've split my time between French Polynesia, where I've been capturing the awe-inspiring humpback whales, and Hawaii, or jet-setting to various destinations for my work. 

My passion for the ocean led me to organize expeditions, where I get to meet incredible people and share our mutual love for the sea. I'm committed to providing opportunities for others to swim with marine life and foster their own connection with the ocean. I firmly believe that when more people care about our oceans and make small changes in their daily lives, it's a crucial step towards our planet's survival.


On each expedition, I'll be sharing my photos taken during the trip with all participants.

If you're a fellow photographer joining us, I'll also be hosting an optional underwater photography workshop during one evening of the trip.


If you have any questions or need further information about any of our expeditions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Your journey to the ocean's wonders starts here!

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